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Landscaping and garden maintenance

The construction and design of the garden requires a lot of preparation, special knowledge and well-developed aesthetic sense.

Our landscape architects will prepare a comprehensive and detailed documentation for all phases of design, complying at all times with your requirements and preferences.

Garden design is a comprehensive process including following steps:

• Taking a pucture on the field – shooting is made in order to establish the current situation of the borders, linear, stationary objects and elevation levels in the area.

• Preparation of project – our designers with the client, prepare terms of reference which specifies what elements will include the design and how the elements will be located.

To keep the garden its own unique look, it needs constant care, maintenance and complete system provided by qualified professionals. Home care has a team of senior professionals that helps, your garden will always be in excellent condition.

Realizing the responsibility of working with living matter that continually growing and changing, we provide preparation of individual monthly maintenance plans, which describe all the necessary materials and treatments to keep the garden in good condition.

Maintenance grass carpet

• Mowing

• Aeration

• Verticutter

• Roll

• Feeding the soil

• Weeding

• Treatment with preparations


Care and Maintenance of plants

• hoeing

• Weeding

• Pruning

• Feeding

• Protection against diseases and pests

• Preparation for winter and summer season

• Planting of seasonal plants