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Management and rental

Home Care provides service management and rental services including real estate. Depending on your preference for property management, we will create for you a plan that coincides with your lifestyle. We offer our customers a wide range of management programs.

The choice of these services provides you with a package of your choice and support of a team of specialists for optimal organization, good management and maintenance of your property.

1. Renting with “Home Care”:

1.1. Management and long-term rental includes:

• Consultation with the owner to determine the amount of monthly rent;

• Advertising the property and viewings by clients;

• Preparation of rental agreements and control for regular payment of rent and all expenses while using of the leased property;

• Regular communication with tenants and assistance for troubleshooting and accidents;

• Preparation and sending of regular reports on income and expenses relating to the property owner and others.

1.2.        Management and short term rentals:

In this option, we make the whole process of renting the property, including marketing and advertising activities through our own company – tour operator, and through cooperation with other tour operators and partners. Customers are informed of the employment and the status of their property by sending our monthly reports to them. Our company provides rental for a short period and prepares an individual offer according to the specific needs of each client.

2. Self rental

If customers themselves want to rent their property, Home Care can offer the most suitable offer for you depending on your preference and the needs of your visitors.

The customer can choose and use our services which are carried out by individual request and be paid by price-list, for example:

• Accommodation and Registration

• Send and check the condition of the property

• Types of cleaning services

• Providing packages with food and drink

• Laundry and dry cleaning

• Transfers to and from airport

• Individual transport, Rent a car

• Booking of tickets

• Insurance and many others