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Management of buisness building

Investment in commercial property is a serious financial decision. To reach final goal, in this case the increase in the value of assets over time, each move in the government should be well thought out in terms of present and future situation. We from Home Care have accumulated sufficient knowledge of local conditions and significant international know-how in terms of optimal organization for quality management and support from the first to the last move, we are ready to share this experience with you.

Home Care provides you a service package of your choice and support of a team of professionals who care for the optimal organization, housekeeping management and maintenance of your building, as there is no one single service that is the sum of so many individual elements, such as property management. It incorporates relationships with landlords, tenants, service equipment for the building, visitors, insurers, banks.

Irrespective if it relates to acquisition or sale of a business property, let out or increases in assets value, Home Care is there to offer their support.The range of services that we can stand behind each of your plan is as follows:


Main Services

  • Supporting the process at all stages of the construction of commercial space to transfer their management;
  •  Connecting with prospective tenants and respond to inquiries during finishing;
  • Prepare documents for services and organize their implementation;
  •  prepare a preliminary budget for the prices for services and develop appropriate procedures;
  •  hire and train management personnel will work on the spot;
  •  preparing the Internal Regulations;
  •  Helping with the launch of a marketing and advertising campaign;
  •  Prepare and monitor in detail the implementation of the annual budget;
  •  Prepare detailed monthly reports;
  •  manage the service (security, maintenance, etc..)
  •  Develop and monitor the implementation of the planned program for maintenance of facilities;
  • Organize repair and modernization;
  • Planned capital improvements;
  • Representation of investors;
  • Control of construction and repair;
  • Cleaning – daily, periodically, special;
  • Security – physical, technical, VIP, special;
  • Plumbing – Plumbing systems and pumps – 24 hours available for each call;
  • Electric – all requirements and rules for the internal order of all existing systems with low voltage generator, 24 hour available for each call;
  • Repair – all kinds of repair and welding operations;
  • Technical installations and equipment – lifting equipment (elevators and escalators), heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, checks (daily, periodic, special), carpentry and more., 24 hours available for each call;
  •  Roofs and ceilings – equipment, insulation and more., 24 hours available for each call;
  • Park layout – green and adjacent areas and sports playgrounds
  • Parking – parking systems and access control;
  • Periodic reports on the status of all facilities and systems of the property;
  • Payments to subcontractors;
  • Payment of fees for public services, property taxes and insurance premiums on behalf of the owner;

Relationships with tenants

• Monitor compliance by the tenants of their obligations under the rental agreement;

• Maintain communication with tenants for available complaints by an employee, customer relations, daily available;

• Lead the talks subletting and processes of relocation;

• Administration of estates and financial services;

• Processing invoices, collect rental fees, maintenance and services (cashier);

• Perform administration tasks of bank accounts and accounting services;

• Prepare and monitor the implementation of the annual budget for the fees for services;

• Preparing an analysis of rents and create a database of information about rents and monitoring of key dates;

• Perform credit control and initiate actions for repayment of any obligations with your preferred lawyer;

• Consulting services to insurance and assistance in litigation;

• Representation of the property owner to state, municipal and private institutions and organizations;

• Regular meetings with tenants’ procedures, requirements and regulations;

• Payment of fees for public services, property taxes and insurance premiums on behalf of the owner;


Daily management of each property is a business in itself, and it`s just as dynamic as it seems. Stretching from the procedure for recruitment of staff through relations with tenants and monitoring the performance of service providers for maintenance of the facilities. We provide appropriate care and security. We review carefully your accounting and legal documents. We check everything is in line with the main indicators of the the budget. Turning to us for any of the above services we guarantee personal attention to every problem, compliance with the Bulgarian legislation and transparent accountability at all times.